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Parents / Guardians

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  Who will FUND your child's higher education ?

in your presence or in your absence

Your - Personal Saving  OR BANK - Education Loan

Quality M.B.A. cost today is -----> Rs.15 Lacs

Quality Engineering cost today is -----> Rs.8 Lacs

Quality Medical education cost today is ----->

Rs.21 Lacs

If you have to FUND this cost today then how will you manage ?

And if you could not, then how will you when this cost will be QUADRIPLE  (4x) decade later ?


consult our senior advisors for

Financial planning for Expectant Parents

Financial planning for New Parents (having child 0 - 12 months age group)

Financial planning for Parents with toddlers (child 0 - 3 years age group)

Financial planning for Parents with pre-schoolers (child 3 - 5 years age group)

Financial planning for Parents with early school goers (child 6 - 8 years age group)

Financial planning for Parents with pre-teens (child 8 - 12 years age group)

Financial planning for Parents with teens (child 13 - 18 years age group)

Parents are under a legal duty to provide the basic needs for their children. The basics include food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical care. This does not mean that your parents have to buy you the most expensive or most fashionable clothes. You will note that cars are not found on the list of basics. The obligation extends to what is necessary, and not what might be desirable. Because the duty to support you ends when you become an adult, your parents will generally not be legally obligated to pay for you to attend college.

All of these obligations continue only as long as the child remains legally dependent on the parent. Once you reach the age of majority as determined by the laws of your state (usually 18), your parents’ legal duty has ended and you are now responsible for yourself. Your parents’ duty will also end if you go to court and become legally emancipated or if your status makes you a legal adult. (Emancipation is a procedure in which a judge signs an order making you an adult even if you are younger than the age of majority in your state.) For instance, in most states, getting married emancipates you so that you are treated as an adult. Joining the military also has the same result.

The parental obligation continues even if you do not live at home. Parents have to pay child support if their children are committed to a state juvenile correction facility or other placement outside the home. Your parents cannot get out of the duty to support you just by throwing you out of the house, either.

Dear parents being a parent is being responsible socially as well as legally, our social and moral responsibilities towards our childrens binds us to think about how secure their future can be made, however there are certain limitations to what we can arrange for, but still there is a lot we can do to provide them with financial resources that can fullfill their dreams and plans and can also help them settle in their lives no matter what the circumstances are.

We help you to plan for those future requirements that you will be facing in near future well in advance. With our expert advice and perceptually crafted financial plans we help you to achieve what you foresee today. Our package solutions help you to be ready when you need to and focuses on the exact time and requirement without disturbing your current budgets or lifestyle.

Fill contact form provided here or use free calling utility to have a short meeting and discuss your plans today.