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In case you are raising a loan against your policy from LIC or any other financial institution, your policy would have to be assigned to LIC or the financial institution.
When you assign the policy the title of the policy is shifted from your name to that of the institution.

The policy would be reassigned to you on the repayment of the loan.
A fresh nomination should be done after reassignment of the policy.
Assignment of policies can be done even when a loan is not required or for some special purposes.

An assignment has an effect of directly transferring the rights of the transferor in respect of the property transferred. Immediately on execution of an assignment of the Policy of life assurance the assignor forgoes all his rights, title and interest in the Policy to the assignee. The premium/loan interest notices etc. in such cases will be sent to the assignee. In case the assignment is made in favor of public bodies, institutions, trust etc., premium notices/receipts will be addressed to the official who has been designated by the institutions as a person to receive such notice
An assignment of a life insurance policy once validly executed, cannot be cancelled or rendered in effectual by the assignor. Scoring of such assignments or super scribing words like 'cancelled' on such assignment does not annul the assignment. And the only way to cancel such assignment would be to get it re-assigned by the assignee in favor of the assignor.

There are two types of assignments:

1. Conditional Assignment whereby the assignor and the assignee may agree that on the happening of a specified event which does not depend on the will of the assignor, the assignment will be suspended or revoked wholly or in part.

2. Absolute Assignment whereby all the rights, title and interest which the assignor has in the policy passes on to the assignee without reversion to the assignor or his estate in any event.

Status of your policy indicates if your policy is in force or has lapsed due to non-payment of premium. It also provides other important information with respect to your policy, for your reference.